About us

We are manufacturer of quality custom vinyl products from rigid and flexible PVC (polyvinylchloride), crystal transparent or colored with various pressing.
Our products are dedicated to all those productive sectors, were the display and the protection of the information as well as the packeging are required.
The used tehnology is based on the bringing of the PVC molecule to the resonance by using hight frequency electric energy, when thanks to the pressure of some pads of special construction there is obtained an indestructible welding which does not contain water stream or any air interstital offering a hight resistance in time in case of mechanic force or temperature differences.
Our products are customizable by using silk screen printing, hot stamping,embossing & debossing.Added features can include: gussets, grommets, snaps, magnets and velcro.

Marca inregistrata is a trademark of "Plastic Industries " srl, the brand under which we combine experience and work power to give our customers the quality and promptitude of a reliable supplier.